Welcome to the Lincoln .NET Users Group

The Lincoln .NET Users Group was founded in September 2008 by Adam Barney and Ken Versaw. We currently have over 100 members of the group, with anywhere from 30-60 members attending each meeting. Our monthly meetings cover a wide variety of .NET topics suited for beginners and experts alike. We strive to deliver the best speakers from local and national sources while providing a valuable networking environment for our growing developer community. Our sponsors are integral to our success, and we do all we can to make thier partnership with our group a worthwhile one for both the sponsor and our users. If you have any questions about the group, or sponsorship, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Our Next Meeting:

Getting to Know ASP.NET v.Next

10/22/2014 6:00:00 PM

Location: Assurity Life Insurance Headquarters

The next iteration of Microsoft’s web development platform is it’s boldest release yet. The CLR has been re-implemented from the ground up with optimization for cloud and mobile computing as top priorities. ASP.NET v.Next will blow your mind, and make you a more efficient and productive web developer – will you be ready? In this session, I’ll tell you about the many ways in which ASP.NET v.Next is completely different, while demonstrating how your existing ASP.NET skill set will still serve you as well as it ever has.

Speaker: Adam Barney

Adam is such a nerd. That kept me humble and nearly friendless (*sniff*) through school, but I wear it as a badge of honor now. I am a Microsoft C# MVP and ASP Insider, running my independent consulting company from my home in Lincoln, NE. In my spare time, I run a code camp and user group, and generally take on way more work than I have time for. I can also be found speaking at many mid-west user groups, code camps and developer conferences.

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